What you make should never go to waste

Tern makes it possible for merchants of any size to participate in the circular economy

A market ready for change

​Too much of what is made goes to waste. It’s bad for the environment and bad for our economy. Awareness of the climate crisis has led to a shift in consumer behaviour, driving retail innovation and the emergence of new circular models:


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If we are not circular, our business model won’t survive

""Director of Sustainability, H&M

The problem for businesses that want to go circular

Post-consumer circularity services are gaining market share, but for smaller DTC brands few solutions exist.


Fully-managed circular services are designed for big business

The infrastructure, technology and financial investment required make these services inaccessible to most brands and retailers.

Self-run programmes are labour intensive and limited

These circularity programmes typically require customers to take the initiative and lack the scale needed for true impact.

Our solution


Democratising circularity

Starting with Shopify, we've built a trade-in app that seamlessly connects to Shopify stores, making it easy for merchants of any size to participate in the circular economy.

With just a few simple clicks, customers are able to exchange their previously purchased goods (or packaging) for store credit.

Create customer advocates, grow loyalty and sales

How it works 

Trade-in Functionality

Users select previously purchased goods for store credit; trade-in value is dynamic and rules based.

Integrated Logistics

Integrated paperless logistics make it easy to cost-effectively send trade-in items back to the merchant.

Merchant Store Credit

When items have been received by the merchant, tern issues the value of the trade-in through store credit.

Ready to make waste a thing of past?